A Reiki Session

Reiki is a personal experience and every session is different for each individual. If you want to maximise the benefits of your Reiki treatment, I’d advise avoiding alcohol and drugs in the previous 24 hours, so your body is free from toxins. After the session, I’d recommend relaxing and not doing any vigorous or strenuous activity and again, avoiding alcohol or drugs where possible.

A session begins with a consultation where I will thoroughly explain what will happen during the treatment, and finishes with a 5 minutes sound healing with a Tibetan bowl. People react to Reiki in different ways, so I always leave some space at the end for discussion or questions.

I also offer Distant Reiki and I’m more than happy to discuss this option.

  • Session in my house: 60 min – £40  
  • Session in my house: 90 min – £60
  • Session in your house: 60 min – £50 
  • Session in your house: 90 min – £70
  • Distant session: 60 min – £30