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Eden Rock

I’ve had a couple of reiki sessions with Carlotta and it’s been a very relaxing and soothing experience. Carlotta is a very interesting person and her vibe is definitely positive and strong, so I felt confortable straight away.

The practice it self was intense but not invasive and I was deeply moved by the healing energy coming through Carlotta. She has been also very clear and she took time to explain the practice to me.

I feel that everyone will benefit from this practice as it can make you feel more connected to the energy coming from outside as well as the one flowing in your own body. I’ll do it again for sure.

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Freelance communications.

Carlotta is an especially gifted, intuitive and exception Reiki practitioner.

Was hesitant prior our session, but her soothing nature, and astute assessment diminished apprehension.

Am blown away by Carlotta's Reiki excellence, and client care: before, during and after sessions.

I recommend her highly to any, and everyone: go see her, she's the best!

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Serpentine Galleries

Carlotta not only introduced me to the reiki practice itself, but she prepared my mind to a greater spiritual journey. Through her gentle yet powerful energy I received lot of understanding, balance and alignment, which helped me dealing with things I wasn’t able to let go, especially with my feelings of sorrow and regret. I truly recommend her, she will be able to open the doors to a new life of perception and experience, taking you to a path you never imagined before. Thank you so much Carlotta!

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I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Carlotta.
She takes great care and has a calming and positive vibe.
I left feeling invigorated but relaxed. A great experience. Highly recommended.

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Carlotta is a warm but professional reiki practitioner. I tried her first free session and liked so much I went back the following week.

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Titanus - Fabric Manufacturer

Carlotta and I have been friends for many years now and we're linked by a deep friendship.
She is a really enthusiastic and energetic person with a contagious positivity.

I had never heard of Reiki before she told me about it and I have to be honest, at the beginning I was kinda skeptic about it, but Carlotta helped me understand and learn its power like the professionist she is.

Unfortunately we live far away, but we've always been able to cut down the distances with the help of technology as we did this time once more. At the beginning of the meeting I still wasn't sure that I could get real benefits from it, but after only 30 minutes with her flow of energy I reached the catharsis. I fell into a deep and regenerating sleep and then I woke up in a peaceful mood. I'm deeply grateful for the amazing experience and looking forward to do it again.

Thank you Carlotta, you're a gift!!

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Carlotta is amazing at what she does. First off, she makes you feel totally at ease, which is particularly good when you're new to reiki like me and you're not sure what to expect. One session with Carlotta made me feel calm and reset for the weekend. I'd definitely come back! Thank you x

I would be very grateful for your review about your experience during the Reiki session or anything else you believe would be worth sharing.